Wil Foppen

Keynote - Introductie


Wil Foppen has been an academic for most of his career. At the same time, he has frequently taken up managerial roles and responsibilities, mostly in the context of universities and business schools. His managerial positions range(d) from: Executive vice-president of Erasmus University, President of the University Council, Dean & Director of Rotterdam School of Management, Director International Executive Education at ESADE, Associate Dean & Director of Universiteit Maastricht Business School and Supervisor of Heidelberg Cement Group (HCG Benelux). In between he serves as coach, consultant and strategic advisor of several leading executives. Wil had the honour to fulfil several full professorships at Rotterdam, Barcelona and Maastricht, next to a number of visiting professorships elsewhere. At the moment his chair of Strategic Leadership at SBE is combined with a supervisory role at HCG and with coaching and consultancy activities. He is the author of several books and articles on Government, Management and (positive) Leadership.

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